We assist in the personal and professional growth and enhancement of Black males.

The M.A.I.N. Initiative, LLC

“YOUR Success is YOUR Responsibility!”

The M.A.I.N. Initiative, LLC, which stands for Males Addressing Issues and Needs, is a personal and professional enhancement consulting agency designed to:

(1) improve the quality of life for individuals and organizations through educational consulting, (2) creation and development of initiatives for Black males in schools and Colleges,

(3) professional development in matters of cultural competence, diversity, equity, and inclusion, as well as

(4) architecting personal and professional experiences such as conferences, summits, think tanks, etc.

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U Good, Bro?! Inc

“Let’s Keep the Conversation Going, Brothers!”

U Good, Bro?!, Incorporated is a solution focused, non-profit entity, designed to provide a private, safe and brave space for transparency, vulnerability, and liberation. It’s a space where it’s okay to say that you’re not okay, but also a space for sheer accountability. The U Good, Bro?! experiences are with like-minded Brothers from across the country, in the sense of creating a non-judgmental zone with those who fellowship and embrace the realities of being a Man, while strategizing on how to navigate through critical areas that are essential for us to be better examples of what healthy manhood is. We operate from the hashtag #MENtalHEALthMoveMENt, where if you read between the lines, the emphasis is that MEN HEAL MEN. We would like to agree that the goal is when someone asks you, U Good, Bro?!, you can say yes and actually mean it!

There are many inspirations to UGB?!, but to hear it from the Founder it was simple. “It’s two-fold: One being my own life story of molestation, no father in the home, depression, suicidal ideation, distrust in Black men, and diagnosed mental illness. The second was the understanding that there are Brothers out there just like me who need a safe space to be real about their experiences as Black men, knowing that if we would have had this type of space when we were younger, we may have been able to deal with the trauma we have been exposed to a lot better.”

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National M.A.I.N. Summit

The Summit is truthfully the answer to the question, “U Good, Bro?!” To the grown men out there, the Summit is for you too. This is for those of you who are tired, for those of you who feel like you are “too needed” to have needs, and to remind you that it’s okay to say that you’re not okay. The Summit is about liberation! 

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U Good, Bro?! Podcast

This podcast is an extension of the monthly meetings hosted by The M.A.I.N. Initiative designed to create a safe space for men to address and discuss topics that they traditionally don’t share. Topics discussed range from relationships/marriage, finances, fatherhood/fatherlessness, health, spirituality, and holistic development.


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